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NordicZoos is first of all the place for zoo fans to get an overview of the great patchwork of different zoos all over Scandinavia. There are plenty of options to navigate to the individual zoos. NordicZoos' focus is exclusively zoos - but zoos og all kind.

The objectives of NordicZoos are to offer service for the many different zoos in Scandinavia, to increase public awareness on the important work carried out by the zoos as well as to contribute to the visitors' joy of looking into the world of animals.

NordicZoos is aiming at constant development, high quality and a high ethical standard.

BEHIND NordicZoos

Frederik Schütt
Ara with Frederik

NordicZoos is being developed and maintained, enthusiatically, by Frederik Schütt, Vision & Praxis. Frederik is, along with his family, an eager visitor in as many zoos as the daily duties in Vision & Praxis leaves time for.

NordicZoos is a result of a "happy marriage" between Frederik's joy for all kinds of zoos and his professional competence i relation to communication and the Internet.


In addition to the direct and daily cooperation with the zoos, NordicZoos is made in cooperation with a network of zoo enthusiasts, contributing valuably with ideer, translation, knowledge about animals and about new development in the Scandinavian world of zoos. Thanks to all of you!

If you would like to participate - please, contact NordicZoos.

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You can participate

NordicZoos is always interested in cooperation and good contacts all over Scandinavia.

Please, call or write if you would like to participate.

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